Coming Soon: An Update on our Claris LED Strips

Our team at LED Living has been hard at work, completing the process of launching the third generation of our patented Claris LED strip light. The upgrades made to the heart of our board design will also enable improvements across our line of products—and we would like to provide an update on our progress.

UL & DLC Certifications

Recently, the lights were submitted for UL and DLC listings, and we anticipate that these super-efficient LED retrofit kits will be ready soon

Upgraded Strip Backing

The Gen 3 Claris LED strips are designed with patented, very-long-lasting Rare Earth Magnets that ensure a simplified installation, the straight alignment of strips, and (since the magnets allow for direct contact with the fixture) heat dissipation that will extend the life of the LEDs.

Our previous, Gen 2 Claris strips had ThermaFuse tape backing that helped adhere the strips to fixtures and promoted heat diffusion. The new generation instead uses an internal layer of copper to greatly improve the level of heat diffusion into the fixture and eliminate the need for tape.

2ft vs 4ft Strip Lengths

The previous generation came in 2ft-long strips, but the Gen 3 is in 4ft strips. This makes it much easier to retrofit common 4ft fixtures with these new LEDs, because you won’t need to wire connections between the strips to fill the length of 4ft troffers.

Market-Leading Efficiency

These LED lights boast 184 lm/W efficiency. Compared to the top efficiency of 164 lm/W from the Gen 2 strips, this new version offers a 13% savings increase. When retrofitting old 3-bulb fluorescent fixtures with this top-of-the-line efficiency, you can reduce monthly energy costs by approximately 68%.

Expert Tip: The enhanced efficiency that the Gen 3 Claris LED strip provides will also lead to brighter LEDs for unique applications, such as an 8ft fixture on >20-foot-high ceilings. Plus, our strips are guaranteed to last longer than tubes, meaning fewer replacements will be needed.

What Will be Included in the Kit?

Each Gen 3 Claris retrofit kit from LED Living will include LED strips with our unique magnets installed, an LED driver, and wire nuts, connectors, and screws for the easy-install process. Optionally, frosted covers are available for soft light dispersion.

Installed magnets show in LED strip.

The Claris Gen 3 kit will be available in standard 2X2, 2X4, 3X4, and 2X8 configurations, plus, our lighting engineers can prepare made-to-order kits for custom applications.

What's Included in the 2X4 retrofit kit.
[2 strips replace 2 four-foot tubes.]

What's Included in the 2X8 retrofit kit.
[4 strips replace 2 eight-foot tubes.]

Keeping you Updated

As more info becomes available during this process, we will work to keep our customers updated. If you would like info directly, feel to reach out to our team member Keith at or call 215-633-1558.

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