Custom Products, Unique Applications, and New Developments

At LED Living, we are always developing new projects and solutions. Our team members are experts at creating custom products to suit unique applications. No matter the specifics of a building, parking lot, or outdoor area, we can find the perfect lighting solution.

Currently, LED Living has a variety of in-process lighting projects. These range from creating custom products, to finding individual solutions for custom applications, to developing improved LED fixture options.

Custom Products

One example of custom product development LED Living is currently working on is a project with a California winery in need of customized, vapor-tight LED lighting. Since they want to retrofit existing fixtures without damaging any of the necessary food-safe enclosure seals they have, our engineering team has been developing a customized solution.

Assembly of a fixture with our custom puck being inserted.

To keep out dirt, dust, debris, water, and more, we have been designing a puck that provides a simple retrofit process, allows usage of existing fixtures while updating to efficient LEDs, and keeps the fixture seals intact.

Custom Applications

To accommodate the 18ft-high ceilings in the service area of a Pennsylvania car dealership, our team decided that four 4ft high-output LED strip lights would be the best equivalent for upgrading their T5 2×4 four-tube fluorescent troffers. Using our 68W Claris LED strips, each fixture now provides 9,700 lumens at an efficiency approaching 100% (zero light loss).

Lexus dealership in Doylestown, PA

Personnel at a Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut are looking to reduce the wattage of their indoor lighting. Our team is currently adjusting one of our LED drivers to deliver the output they are looking for while consuming less energy. This custom solution will put Foxwoods in a great position for receiving energy efficiency utility rebates.

Product Highlight: Claris Gen 3 Strips

In addition to helping customize existing products to suit the needs of customers, our team has also been working hard to launch the third generation of our patented Claris LED strip light. This new version will provide 185 lm/W – a 13% increase over our previous generation of 164 lm/W strips. Currently, the lights are in the process of receiving UL and DLC certifications, and will be ready soon. 

Start a Custom Project

To learn more about the wide variety of solutions we offer, and even receive your own custom solution, contact one of our team members by emailing or calling (215) 633-1558.

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