Elevating Your Product Offerings: A Guide to Our Cutting-Edge LED Lighting Solutions for Lighting Representatives

In the ever-evolving landscape of lighting technology, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. As lighting reps, you understand that innovation is the key to unlocking new avenues of success. That's why we're thrilled to present this comprehensive guide to LED lighting solutions we offer. We hope it will illustrate how LED Living can help elevate your product and service offerings.

Illuminating Advantages: A Competitive Edge through LED Lighting

High quality LED lighting brings compelling advantages to your product lineup. From unparalleled energy efficiency to transformative design possibilities, integrating LED Living products into your portfolio grants you an undeniable competitive edge.

Exploring Our LED Product Categories

With our many years of experience in LED application-specific design and manufacturing, LED Living is committed to meeting and exceeding all industry standards while providing cutting-edge and sustainable lighting solutions at affordable prices. Our current product lineup includes:


Linear LED Retrofits

Revolutionize existing lighting systems with our cutting-edge LED strip lights that make upgrading traditional fixtures to energy-efficient LED technology simple while reducing maintenance and operating costs.

LED High Bays

UFO High Bay LED Lights

Elevate industrial and commercial spaces with round, high-performance luminaires. They deliver powerful light while optimizing energy consumption, making them an affordable choice for high-ceiling environments.

Linear High Bay LED Lights

Experience superior overhead lighting in workspaces with our LED linear high bay lights. These luminaires provide consistent brightness across expansive spaces, making them ideal for warehouses, factories, and large retail settings.

LED Flood Lights

Master the art of outdoor illumination with our LED flood lights. They are engineered for durability and exceptional light distribution. From options that will illuminate signs to ones for brightening sports fields, these luminaires enhance safety and aesthetics in a variety of exterior settings.

LED Canopy Lights

Brighten gas stations, parking garages, and other covered spaces with our canopy lights. Clients will achieve optimal visibility and security with high-performance fixtures designed to withstand the elements.

Vapor Tight LED Luminaires

Seal out water, dust, and bugs with our LED vapor tight lights. Ideal for demanding environments such as garages, workshops, and industrial settings, these fixtures ensure consistent performance in challenging conditions.

Solar LED Area Lights

Embrace sustainability and energy autonomy with our solar area lights. They harness the power of the sun to light up pathways, parks, and the most remote areas, all while reducing environmental impact.

Benefitting from Lighting Made in the USA

LED Living is a USA-based company, located just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Choosing to purchase lights from an American manufacturer offers several benefits, ranging from supporting the local economy to ensuring higher quality and compliance with rigorous manufacturing standards. Here are some key advantages of opting for lights that are manufactured in the USA:

LED Lighting Customization and Flexibility Customization and Flexibility

Being a domestic manufacturer, LED Living can offer more flexibility in terms of customization than companies overseas. If you have specific lighting needs or requirements for your project, we are more likely to be able to accommodate those requests, leading to tailored solutions that meet your exact specifications.

High Quality & Reliability in LED Lighting Products High Quality and Reliability

Lighting manufacturers in the USA are held to stringent quality control standards. When you choose lights made in the USA, you can have more confidence in the product's reliability, durability, and performance.

Labor and Environmental Standards Labor and Environmental Standards

American manufacturing facilities are subject to labor and environmental regulations that ensure safe working conditions and responsible production practices. Choosing lights made in the USA supports ethical manufacturing and demonstrates a commitment to fair labor practices and environmental responsibility.

Communication and Collaboration Easier Communication and Collaboration

Working with domestic manufacturers can facilitate smoother communication and collaboration throughout the design, production, and post-sales support processes. Time zone differences and language barriers can arise with overseas suppliers. LED Living strives to minimize these issues as much as possible by having locations on both coasts, with facilities in Pennsylvania and California.

Standards Compliance Compliance with Regulations

American-made lights are more likely to comply with specific regulations and standards, such as being BAA-Compliant, UL-Certified, DLC-Listed and more. This can simplify the process of obtaining necessary certifications and approvals for your lighting installations.

Long-Term Product Support and Warranties Long-Term Support and Warranties

Domestic manufacturers often provide better customer support and warranty services. Dealing with a local company can make it easier to address any issues, seek technical assistance, or initiate warranty claims if needed. 

Taking the Next Steps: Empower, Illuminate, and Elevate

The journey to revolutionizing your product offerings begins here. The LED lighting solutions we offer will facilitate empowering your clients, illuminating their spaces, and elevating their lighting experiences. Discover the future of lighting solutions by exploring our comprehensive range of cutting-edge LED lighting options and by starting a conversation with a dedicated member of our team. Start a partnership with LED Living today and see where innovation and illumination converge.

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