Have You Seen Our Newest High Bay Category?

Introducing: LED Living Value LED High Bay Lights

At LED Living, we offer both round and linear high bay options in our new Value LED line. Whether you are in the market for high efficiency, wattage and color adjustability, or top-notch water resistance, we have a high bay model that will meet your needs and beat your project budget.

Value High Bay Luminaires from LED Living

Round LED High Bay Lights

BUDGET-FRIENDLY ROUND HIGH BAY – Available in 120V or 480V

The first option in the Round High Bay category is our Budget-Friendly Round High Bay. It provides up to 35,000 lumens of cool white light, is easy to operate, and comes in at the lowest price point of our offerings. This high bay fixture is installed simply, using the included hook to hang the light from the ceiling. Once installed, our high-quality high bay light will last for an average of 50,000 operating hours. It is also DLC-qualified for utility rebate incentives!

Budget-Friendly Round LED High Bay
  • Replaces 750W
  • DLC & UL Certified
  • IP65 Enclosure Rating
  • 5-Year Warranty


To get an upgrade in brightness and efficiency, choose the High-Efficiency Round High Bay. It is great for spaces with high brightness needs, providing high lumen output without the high energy bill. With these super-efficient LED high bay lights, you will get up to 40,000 lumens while utilizing only 200 watts. Plus, thanks to the high luminous efficacy, these lights qualify for cost-reducing rebates.

High Efficacy Round LED High Bay
  • Replaces 750W
  • DLC & UL Certified
  • IP65 Enclosure Rating
  • 5-Year Warranty


If you have a range of ceiling heights or a variety of applications in one building, a great solution is to have one high bay that meets multiple lighting needs. With the Field-Selectable Round High Bay, installers choose between 4 wattages and 2 CCT options in the field.

This fixture provides an output of 15,000-28,000 lumens, a luminous efficacy of 140-150 lm/W, and either a 4000K or 5000K color temperature. The combinations mean it’s simple for suppliers to stock, it’s easy for end-users to get customized lighting, and it’s a great bulk-buying option.

Field-Selectable LED High Bay
  • Wattage Adjustable
  • Color Selectable
  • DLC & ETL Certified
  • IP65 & IK08 Enclosure
  • 5-Year Warranty

Linear LED High Bay Lights

COMPACT LINEAR HIGH BAY – Available in 120W or 180W

This Compact Linear LED High Bay is an industrial-quality lighting option that’s durable enough for warehouses and manufacturing settings, yet decorative enough to be used in supermarkets, cafeterias, and other customer-facing applications. It is a compact, value-driven linear high bay that can replace 400W metal halides, reducing energy costs. It is also DLC-qualified for utility rebates across the USA.

Compact Linear LED High Bay
  • Replaces 400W
  • DLC & UL Certified
  • Suspension Mounted
  • 5-Year Warranty


If you have a commercial building with a mix of open areas and spaces that have shelving units, the variety of beam angle options our Wet-Location Linear High Bay offers makes it a great solution. Choose between a wide (80° x 100°), narrow (60° x 100°), or very narrow (25° x 85°) beam angle and choose from a range of wattages (from 150W to 400W) to get the perfect lighting for your space.

Dust, bugs, impact, and even powerful jets of water are no match for this linear high bay. You can be sure it will last in dusty or damp workspaces as well as in unique locations, such as: Grain processing plants, indoor swimming pools, hockey rinks, gymnasiums, basketball courts, and more.

LED High Bay for Aisles and Open Areas
  • IP66 Enclosure Rating
  • DLC & ETL Certified
  • 3 Beam Angle Options
  • 5-Year Warranty

Expert High Bay Lighting Tip

High levels of brightness ensure a safe workplace with high visibility, but the exact output depends on the needs of the space. On average, the higher the ceiling, the higher the lumen requirement. As ceilings get higher, the beam angle should also get narrower to compensate for the vertical distance between the fixture and the work area.

Choosing Your Value LED High Bay

Unsure about which product suits your needs? Our experts are available to review the options to find the perfect layout, style, and beam angle to fit your project. Reach out today by calling (215) 633-1558, emailing sales@LEDLivingTechnology.com, or by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

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