LED Living’s Draco II Vapor Tight Luminaire Receives DLC Listing

BENSALEM, PA — LED Living's UL Listed Draco II Vapor Tight Luminaire can now be found on the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List (QPL) – Vertical Refrigerated Case Lighting – and eligible for utility rebates.  Fixtures on the DLC list meet high standards of performance and safety, and qualify for incentives from over 48 utility companies across the United States and Canada.  For a list of state utility incentive programs, visit dsire.org, or contact your local LED Living Representative to discuss programs in your region.

Draco II Vapor Tight Luminaires feature IP67 rated enclosures with silicon seal, are shock and vibration resistant, and include various lensing options for optics preferences. Systems are powered by the 0-10V dimmable 34 Watt Claris LED Retrofit Kit, and feature the same L70 at 168,000 hours as Claris Kits.  With instant on/off in freezing situations, Draco II can save up to 90% over current slow-starting fixtures.  Fixtures can be ordered with a field-programmable dimming/occupancy sensor for additional energy savings.  Draco II purchases are protected by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Rebate-eligible applications include freezer, cold storage, and industrial refrigeration.  Draco II fixtures, however, are equally ideal for garage lighting applications, industrial kitchens, factories, public bathrooms etc, especially in 24-hour operating facilities where savings can be ten-fold.

About LED Living

LED Living is the commercial lighting sister company of Metaphase Technologies Inc., the industry leader in engineering & manufacturing innovative Specialty & Machine Vision LED illuminators, controls, and integrated systems. Founded in 1992, Metaphase has over 18 years of experience incorporating, and in many instances—designing the best technologies on the market to provide cutting-edge LED solutions for even the most demanding of industrial & military applications. LED Living benefits from a unique and developed history working with LED technology, at the highest degree of creativity in lighting design.  With a focused product portfolio, LED Living uses the most innovative LED design techniques to produce the highest quality lighting systems for lifetime, performance and energy efficiency. 

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