LED Living Growth Brings on Expansion

BRISTOL, PA — As of September 30, 2013 LED Living has expanded its production facility by over 60%, relocating its corporate headquarters and main manufacturing into a new 40,000 square foot facility.  The new facility is located in Bristol, PA just 5 miles north of the company’s previous location, with enough space to accommodate a generous production floor, several comprehensive testing laboratories, product showrooms, and head corporate offices.

The expansion occurs in the wake of growing demand and a thriving product-line.  LED Living prides itself on its strength in engineering and the capacity to produce the most unique industry LED retrofit and complete-fixture solutions. The expansion of the main corporate and manufacturing facility allows LED Living to continue growth and meet the appeals of its customer base.

President Oliver Szeto purports that the space increase aims to improve productivity ten-fold and expand off-the-shelf product inventory, product training, and showroom capacity.  The new space is a testament to the company’s commitment to American manufacturing.

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