Tfive Lighting Project: A Warehouse, Showroom & Workshop All Get Energy Saving Retrofits


LED Living provided the perfect retrofits for a family-owned and operated equipment dealership in Illinois that currently provides residential, agricultural, and construction machinery from seven locations.

The Project Plan

Originally, three major areas of this equipment company used fluorescent lighting that was costing thousands of dollars more than necessary. To reduce energy waste, they wanted to switch to LED, and do so in an ecologically friendly way, by mounting new retrofits directly onto their old fixtures.

Tfive Project Plan

Area Quantity Color Wattage Lumens
Parts Warehouse 8 5000K 105W 16,000
Additional Showroom 8 4000K 105W 16,000
Workshop 32 5000K 164W 24,700
In total, the customer installed 48 Tfive retrofit kits

The Retrofit Process

The workshop had ceilings ranging from 23’ to 30’ heights. The solution was to retrofit the existing 6-bulb, T-8 Fixtures with all High-Output, 5000k, Tfive retrofit fixtures.

Workshop Energy Savings Results

Area 1. Saving ~$1,950/year with 24 retrofit fixtures
Area 2. Saving ~$410/year with 5 retrofit fixtures
Area 3. Saving ~$240/year with 3 retrofit fixtures

The showroom was approximately 40x50ft and originally had nine 6-bulb, T-8 fixtures at 21’ to 22′ heights.  The lower ceilings of this area required a lower wattage, medium-output, Tfive.

Since this was an area frequently occupied by customers and employees, a warmer (4000k) lighting color was chosen, to have a softer effect on the eyes.

Showroom Energy Savings Results

  • Saving ~$500/year with 8 retrofit fixtures and additional diffusers.

Lastly, in the warehouse, eight 6-bulb, T-8 fixtures were converted to LED with medium-output Tfive retrofits.

Parts Warehouse Energy Savings Results

  • Saving ~$250/year with 4 retrofit fixtures placed at 17ft.
  • Saving ~$250/year with 4 retrofit fixtures placed at 19ft.

After the Lighting Project

This equipment company has been greatly benefitted by the updated lighting—cutting spending, decreasing energy waste, and increasing brightness by switching to the easiest-to-install linear high bay retrofit kit.

After operating the patented, swing-up design, the owner said, “The installation was really easy.” It took about 28 hours to complete this install, but in a more open space, that time could be cut by 25% – 40%.

By making the switch to LED lights, this company is now saving ~$3,600 per year in energy costs. This means their investment could be paid off in about 2 ½ years. Throughout the guaranteed lifetime of these fixtures, their total savings will be ~$11,600.

About the TFive Retrofit Kit

The Tfive Swing-up LED Retrofit Kit is designed for rapid, single-person installation in T5, T8, and T12 4-foot fluorescent fixtures, including HO versions.

Our LED lights have an average operating life of 70,000 hours. That is a 250% longer lifetime than comparable fluorescent high bay lamps, and the retrofits use 4,637 fewer watts.

LED Living benefits customers with in-house quality controls, meeting the highest USA safety standards. By focusing on creating great products, everything is built to last and supported by a strong warranty.

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