Buy American

LED Living Technology is proud to offer Buy American Act compliant products. We manufacturer most of our LED lights in a facility near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our highest quality line of USA-built products meets the compliancy guidelines of the Buy American Act, making them fit for government, ARRA, ePACT, and LEED projects.

We are passionate about product integrity and American manufacturing which is balanced with a company focus on flexible lighting solutions at affordable costs. By manufacturing, designing, and distributing our highest spec products in-house, we generate a collaborative environment for ideas, product development, and customer support. By also offering value-driven products from overseas, we can provide cost-effective solutions for companies who do not need BAA compliancy.

Learn more about how compliancy with the Buy American Act can help your company receive funding for public building projects.

Have lighting needs not covered above? Reach out to our team—we can help!