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LED Living Technology

With its experience in LED application-specific design and manufacturing, LED Living Technology understands the rapid advancement of lighting science and is committed to meeting and exceeding all industry standards as a leader in the lighting revolution. LED Living Technology provides cutting-edge and sustainable lighting solutions at affordable prices.

Following in the footsteps of founder Oliver Szeto, LED Living Technology will continue its tradition of sustainable lighting solutions at the forefront of the LED industry as it joins the family at Manncorp.

With the current national push for onshore production, LED Living Technology is committed to offering the same high-quality, American-made products under its new management.

About LED Living Technology

Since 1992, Oliver Szeto had been a leading innovator of highly specialized LED lighting applications for the machine vision industry. Not only did he push the boundaries of LEDs for over 25 years, but he strongly believed in manufacturing his products in the United States, supporting local vendors and suppliers.

In 2009, Oliver established LED Living Technology (LLT), a commercially focused LED lighting manufacturer. In a market flooded with sub-par products from off-shore production, his goal was to offer industry-leading performance and reliability while maintaining US-based design and manufacturing. After thorough research and exhausting design work, LLT introduced their cutting-edge product lines including Claris, the very popular fluorescent-to-LED retrofits.

From the debut of Claris in 2012, LLT saw exponential sales growth, set new bars for performance in the industry, and expanded and improved their product lines until December 2016 when, sadly, Oliver Szeto lost his battle with cancer at the age of 56. His vision of the future for LLT may not have been fully realized, but his dream will proudly live on as part of the Manncorp family.

In 2020, to assist customers with keeping their buildings safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, LLT partnered with UVC manufacturers to offer a line of UVC disinfection products.

For 2021, LLT has been improving its flagship products, beginning with the introduction of the new Gen 3 line of Claris LED retrofits, while also expanding its lighting catalog through new partnerships with select LED manufacturers.

LLT's headquarters in Hatboro, PA, and our in-house production line.

About Manncorp, Inc.

Manncorp is a family-owned and -operated business that began over 50 years ago and has grown from a single-man company operated out of CEO Henry Mann’s ’66 Dodge station wagon to a business that serves customers throughout the US with facilities in San Diego, CA and Hatboro, PA. Manncorp manufactures, sells, and services mid-range electronic assembly equipment for a wide array of industries throughout North America.

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