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June 27, 2013

LED Living Technology’s Claris LED Retrofit Kits are tested by the unique and stringent UL standards of Subject 1598c.  This means that retrofitted housings maintain the integrity of their safety and UL rating with the Claris Kit installed.  This applies to the following fixture types:  2’x2′, 2’x4′, 1’x4′, 1’x6′, 1’x8′, or larger recessed or surface-mounted housings.

UL Excerpt:

“Subject 1598C Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Retrofit Luminaire Conversion Kits[…]These products have been investigated to determine that, when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, they do not adversely affect the operation of the completed lighting unit.” [Learn More..]

March 26, 2013

March 14, 2013

NFMT Baltimore 2013

March 11, 2013



LED Living Technology is attending this week’s NFMT Conference in Baltimore, MD.

5 Reasons to stop by LED Living Technology’s Booth @ this year’s NFMT Convention

1.)  Get a first hand look at the fluorescent-replacement CLARIS LED Retrofit Kit!  One solution.  Unlimited possibilities.

At this year’s show we will have an array of mounted retrofit kit configurations and a team of technical support persons to show and tell. Learn how to create a greener, cleaner and a more efficient future for your facility without making sacrifices.  Discuss competitive solutions and discover why we believe it’s best to Think Outside The Tube™.

2.)  UTILITY REBATES!  Many of our Claris LED fluorescent-replacement Retrofit Kits are now listed on the Design Lights Consortium Quality Products List – which means they are eligible for big savings through multiple utility rebate programs.  Stop by the booth to inquire about ways to save on upgrading to LED.

3.) Find performance that meets your budget. Artemis Low Profile Luminaires deliver an impressive 93 lm/W — but the key is doing so WITH glare management.  Fixtures are lensed and angled to reduce visual glare and minimize light pollution that compromises safety and security of drivers and passers-by.

4.)  Discover the importance of efficiency with glare management. Artemis LowProfile Luminaires deliver an impressive 93 lm/W — but the key is doing so WITH glare management.  Fixtures are lensed and angled to reduce visual glare and minimize light pollution that compromises safety and security of drivers and passers-by.

5.)  Come out and support your local Buy American LED fixture manufacturer.   Based out of Philadelphia, PA, we bring our 20 year history and expertise in engineering and manufacture of LED lighting systems and controls to the table.  Our focused product portfolio is solution-oriented — developed with an ear to the problems, costs and maintenance, energy waste, and design flaws that facility and building operation managers face with their existing lighting systems.  We’re pushing the limits of innovation to solve these problems with intelligent design.


January 30, 2013

January 29, 2013

January 16, 2013

January 1, 2013 the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 was passed and the government extended several
key benefits to the small business owner. The bill not only extended the Section 179 deduction, it increased
the deduction to $500,000 for the current year and they raised the level to $500,000 retroactively for 2012…  Learn More.

January 14, 2013


New Year Promotional Sales Event!

Through Jan. 31st, 2013 we are offering Special New Years Pricing on ALL Claris LED Retrofit Kits.  Contact your Local LED Living Technology Representative immediately to take advantage!  It’s time to Think Outside The Tube™.

November 30, 2012

The DRACO II is the Newest Addition to the LLT Product Line


IP67 Rated Fixture

Dust, Vapor, Water and Chemical Resistant

Powered by the

Claris LED Retrofit Kit

All contents replaceable @ end life

Option for Occupancy Sensor

Designed to allow for easy field adjustment.
360° Coverage Pattern.

Push-Button Field Programmable.

Electrical Features

34 Watts

120-277 VAC

0-10V Dimmable

FDA Approved Polycarbonate Cover

Perfect for industrial kitchens, food and drug manufacturing facilities, etc.

Visit DRACO II Product Page

October 19, 2012

LED Living Technology forms Green Technology Partnerships:
Tax Credits/Deductions & Utility Incentives
LED Living Technology has entered into green technology partnerships with experts at qualifying companies for EPAct/Section 179-D tax credits and deductions, as well as local & state utility rebates, with available resources in all fifty states.
Building Energy Performance Assessments (BEPA)
Our green partners are also qualified to provide all levels of Building Energy Performance Assessments in support of your green project efforts. BEPAs can clearly document current costs as well as project project savings.
Debt Free Financing for Immediate Savings
We understand that in today’s economic times, many of us cannot afford to wait two or three years for payback–which is why LED Living Technology has partnered up to provide financing for immediate return on investment & increased cash flow. After completing a Building Energy Performance Assessment, our partners will be able to draw up an ESCO Performance Based Contract that guarantees energy savings. They can then lease the lighting equipment to end user, where monthly payments are structured to be less than the amount saved per month, with 100% ownership at the end of the lease. (Typical lease terms are 5-7 years).
Recycling & Installation
Customers will now have the opportunity to choose to utilize our Green Technology Partners to recycle all bulbs & fixtures being replaced, and to install all new fixtures.