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The ARTEMIS Low Profile/Canopy Luminaire incorporates the latest technology in LED illumination with excellent thermal management techniques for low maintenance, long life, superior performance, and energy efficiency. Designed for compatibility with occupancy and daylighting sensors, for maximized energy savings. Perfect for applications calling for reduced glare, and wide distribution lighting.

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Artemis LED Canopy Light

ARTEMIS low profile lighting systems feature a sleek and compact design with die cast, precision-cut heat sink housing and polyester powder-coating for harsh environment (IP65 rated enclosure). Units are shock and vibration resistant.




  • 105-119 lm/W efficacy
  • Tested to IESNA standards: LM-79-2008, ANSI C82.77; LM-80-2008
  • Option for Easy Hang Flush Mount
  • Powder-coated housing for harsh environment
  • Up to three times longer life at about half the energy consumption of conventional luminaires
  • Ideal for cold environments
  • Competitive entry cost
  • Expert thermal management with LEDs mounted directly to heatsink
  • IP65 rated enclosure; suitable for wet environments
  • Compact and Low Profile housing
  • Options for controllability:
    • Instant on/off
    • 0-10V step dimming
  • Instant start in -30°C
  • UL Listed (US & Canada)
  • Designed & Manufactured in PA, USA


• Outdoor Walkway

• Canopy

• Low Profile

• Parking Garages

• Stairways

• Cold Environments

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LED Living Technology is dedicated to Green Energy Initiatives. This product is certified UL, RoHS compliant, and features 100% Lumen Maintenance at 10,000 hours. Performing at 105-119 Lumens/Watt while delivering glare-free illumination, the ARTEMIS is top of its class in energy savings, efficiency, and quality of light.

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