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Claris2'x2' Troffer LED Retrofit Kit

LED Living Technology’s Claris LED Retrofit Kit features a revolutionary patent-pending modular design for replacing fluorescent tubes with upgraded performance and improved quality of light™.   Claris Kits recycle existing troffer housing and deliver an unprecedented LED lifetime of up to 168,000 hours.

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2'x2' Troffer LED Retrofit Kit



LED Living Technology is proud to introduce its ground-breaking high performance LED fluorescent-replacement retrofit kit featuring patent-pending design:

Expert Performance

CLARIS LED Retrofit Kits feature up to 67% power consumption reduction when compared with fluorescent tubes, performing at an extremely efficient 130 Lumens/Watt. Bring the brilliant and refreshing illumination of the great outdoors into your workspace. Experience color as it was meant to be seen with 84 CRI.

Quick & Simple Retrofit

CLARIS LED Retrofit Kits pioneer in speed and ease of installation, and are maintenance-free over a 10 year period. Simply remove fluorescent tubes and ballast and install LED strips and high-performance LED driver.


Think Outside The Tube™

CLARIS Kits feature LED Living Technology’s tube-free LED design based on 2 patent-pending technologies:


Rapid Thermafuse Technology


– LEDs run cool (as low as 33 C) with this highly effective thermal

management technique

– Produces an over 168,000 hour measured LED Lifetime

– Eliminates the need for a tube, and the issues that occur with LED


– Recycles existing housing — an environmental alternative to

wasting/discarding fluorescent troffer housings


Isotropic Diffusion Technology



LED Living Technology’s own patent-pending Isotropic Diffusion technology allows Claris LED Retrofit Kits to offer unmatched optical rendering. Pair with a variety of lenses for optimal light output or preferred aesthetics (standard A12 prismatic, architectural grade Opalescent Film or Rigid Opalescent Lenses, Parabolic).



  • Rapid ThermaFuse LED Technology for quick & simple installation
  • Up to 67% power reduction compared to fluorescent lamps
  • 100% maintenance reduction over 10 year period
  • Uniquely flexible kit design, for replacing fluorescent lamp configurations in 2’x2′, 2’x4′, 1’x4′ recessed troffer housings, and all other flat ceiling housings that support flat lens diffusers.
  • Instant on/off operation, Dimmable and Daylighting Controllable Models Available (0-10V)
  • RoHS compliant: contains no hazardous materials; radiation-free
  • See spec sheet for all model numbers listed on the DLC QPL
  • UL Classified for both US and Canada (classification maintained when kit is installed)
  • Competitive cost
  • Quick Payback
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Buy American 


· Offices

· Storage Facilities

· Restaurants

· Retail

· Schools

· Hospitals

Additional Resources:
Build-Your-Kit Guide

Use this downloadable guide as a quick reference to choosing the appropriate Claris Kit model for conversion from your existing fluorescent system system.  You can also use this resource to reference the efficiencies of particular kit as a tool in developing more customized configurations and solutions.