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clarisLED Retrofit Kit

LED Living Technology’s Claris LED Retrofit Kit features a revolutionary modular design for replacing fluorescent tubes with upgraded performance and improved quality of light™.  Employing Rapid Thermafuse Technology and Isotropic Diffusion, the Claris Kit recycles your existing troffer housing & saves as much as 75% in energy costs over fluorescent lamps.

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LED Living Technology is proud to introduce its ground-breaking high performance LED fluorescent-replacement retrofit kit featuring patent-pending design:

UL Classified Housing Configurations:

Expert Performance

CLARIS LED Retrofit Kits feature up to75% power consumption reduction when compared with fluorescent tubes, performing at an extremely efficient 130 Lumens/Watt. Bring the brilliant and refreshing illumination of the great outdoors into your workspace. Experience color as it was meant to be seen with 86 CRI.

Quick & Simple Retrofit

CLARIS LED Retrofit Kits pioneer in speed and ease of installation. Simply remove fluorescent tubes and ballast and install Rapid Thermafuse LED Strips, high-performance LED driver and Isotropic Diffuser.  The installation process can be completed in as little as 5-10 minutes.


Think Outside The Tube™

CLARIS Kits feature LED Living Technology’s tube-free LED design featuring patent-pending technologies.   Rapid Thermafuse Technology   – LEDs run cool (as low as 33 C) with this highly effective thermal management technique – Produces an over 168,000 hour calculated LED Lifetime (Energy Star TM-21 Worksheet) – Eliminates the need for a tube, and the issues that occur with LED tubes – Recycles existing housing — an environmental and cost-saving alternative to wasting/discarding fluorescent troffer housings.


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Isotropic Diffusion Technology

LED Living Technology’s own patent-pending Isotropic Diffusion technology allows Claris LED Retrofit Kits to offer unmatched optical rendering. Pair with a variety of lenses for optimal light output or preferred aesthetics (standard A12 prismatic, architectural grade Opalescent Film or Rigid Opalescent Lenses, Parabolic).



  • Rapid ThermaFuse LED Technology for quick & simple installation
  • Up to 75% power reduction compared to fluorescent lamps
  • Uniquely flexible kit design, for replacing fluorescent lamp configurations in 2’x2′, 2’x4′, 1’x4′, 1’x6′, 1’x8′ recessed troffer housings, and all other flat ceiling housings that support flat lens diffusers.
  • Instant on/off operation, Dimmable and Daylighting Controllable Models Available (0-10V)
  • RoHS compliant: contains no hazardous materials; radiation-free
  • Models meet Design Lights Consortium & qualify for corresponding utility rebates
  • UL Classified for both US and Canada (classification maintained when kit is installed)
  • Competitive cost
  • Quick Payback
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Buy American 


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· Storage Facilities

· Restaurants

· Retail

· Schools

· Hospitals

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