Field-Selectable Flood Lights

Efficient, flexible, and quality built: our new field-selectable LED flood lights provide brilliant, customizable lighting at a low energy footprint.

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Single & Dual Head Models

These high-quality flood lights, available in two styles to meet all your flood lighting needs, offer an unbeatable combination of style, function, and flexibility.

Customize Your Space with Color & Power Options

Our newest customizable lights—attractive, commercial-grade LED flood lights—come with three built-in color temperatures and four power settings. This feature gives you complete control over both the lighting tone and brightness at time of installation. Plus, with the added dimmable function, you can enjoy fine control over the light’s energy usage.

Sturdy & Safe

Each fixture’s IP66-rated housing protects against bugs, dust, and jets of water, making these lights perfect for even the harshest outdoor conditions. Additionally, the IK08-rating ensures protection against impact. Built-in 10KV surge protection also covers you in case of electrical issues and emergencies.

The lights come standard with trunnion mount brackets. An adjustable-angle slipfitter bracket with a 60 mm (2.36″) sleeve is available for pole mounting.

Wide Beam Spread

With the NEMA beam spread of 7Hx6V (130° x 115° wide flood beam angle), these LED flood lights are suitable for illuminating building facades, signs, landscape features, and as security lighting. Plus, with the lightweight construction weighing only 7.5 lbs. (3.4 kg.), installation is a breeze.

Cost-Effective & Reliable

Light your outdoor space while cutting your energy spending. With its power settings, the Single-Head LED flood light can stand in for HID lighting from 120W to 400W HID at a fraction of the energy cost (36W to 150W). The Dual-Head can run at the equivalent of a 300W HID (using just 90W of power) to 1000W HID (using just 300W). Both flood lights come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Upgrade or supplement your outdoor lighting today with these customizable LED Flood Lights.


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