Value LED High Bays

High ceilings require a lot of lumens. That could result in high energy bills. However, unlike metal halide or fluorescent alternatives, our LED High Bay Lighting reduces energy overhead and minimizes maintenance requirements. These LED Living Technology products are designed for locations with ceilings 20 feet and up, are made to last, and are value-driven. Our lighting experts are ready to help you find the perfect lights for your next high-ceiling application.

Great for facilities like medium-to-large warehouses, factories, processing plants, airplane hangars, gymnasiums, arenas, and more.

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Round and Linear Options for High-Ceiling Lighting

At LED Living Technology, we have both round and linear high bay options. High bays are higher wattage than other ceiling light types, in order to output more lumens. Their high brightness ensures a safe, secure workplace with high visibility. The higher they are installed, the narrower the beam should be in order to compensate for the vertical distance between the fixture and the work area. Our experts are available to review or design the perfect layout, styles, and beam angles to fit your project.

Round High Bays


For spaces with high ceilings and high brightness needs, get all the lumens required without the super high energy bill. With these efficient LED high bay lights, you will get up to 36,000 lumens to brighten your warehouse, supermarket, factory, gymnasium, or other large indoor area. By choosing LED lighting over fluorescent, HID, or comparable options, your company will save on energy costs and have virtually zero maintenance requirements. Easily install this high bay by using the attached hook to hang it from your ceiling.

Featured: High Lumen LED High Bay - Available in 150W or 200W

  • DLC & UL Certified
  • Available in 5000K
  • IP65 Rated
  • 5-Year Warranty

Full Specifications: PDF Datasheet


Have one high bay that meets a whole range of lighting needs; choose between 4 wattages and 2 CCT options in the field. This fixture provides an output of 15,000 to 28,000 lumens, a luminous efficacy of 140 to 150 lm/W, and either a 4000K or 5000K color temperature. The combinations make it easy for suppliers to stock and easy for end-users to get customized lighting. Customize the project even further with available smart controls such as dimming, motion sensing, and daylight detecting.

Featured: Field-Selectable LED High Bay - Customizable Options

  • Wattage Adjustable
  • Color Selectable
  • IP65 & IK08 Rated
  • 5-Year Warranty

Full Specifications: PDF Datasheet

Linear High Bays


Available in wattages from 150W to 400W, you will get all the brightness you need and get luminous efficacy of up to 140 lm/W. Two wide-angle (80° x 100°) lenses illuminate open, rectangular areas, or you can instead have a narrow (60° x 100°) or very narrow (25° x 85°) beam angle to accommodate aisle or rack lighting applications. This high bay has IP66 & IK10 rated housing, protecting it against dust, bugs, powerful jets of water, and being dropped from a high place. Suspension wires are included for a typical install, or you can choose a ±60° rotatable ceiling mount for directed lighting. Hang this fixture in traditional commercial space, dusty or damp work areas, industrial locations, or more unique places like: grain processing plants, indoor swimming pools, professional kitchens, hockey rinks, gymnasiums, basketball or tennis courts, and more.

Featured: Wet Location Linear High Bay - Available in 150W to 400W

  • Water, Dust & Impact Resistant
  • DLC & ETL Certified
  • Wide or Narrow Beam Angle
  • 5-Year Warranty

Full Specifications: PDF Datasheet


LED battery backup drivers allow ordinary LED fixtures to operate as emergency lighting during power outages. For more information about emergency drivers for your high bays, contact Keith at 215-429-7689 or email


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