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October 17, 2012


Looking to finance your LED Living Retrofit Project?
Falcon Leasing is a Green Technology lending partner of LED Living Technology. As a commercial lending
affiliate of Falcon National Bank, Falcon Leasing uniquely specializes in Green Energy financing projects for LED lighting, solar, and wind turbine, as part of its “GREEN Financing Initiative”.



LED Living Technology’s Falcon Leasing Webpage

– Learn About Leasing with Falcon
– How Does It Work?
– Falcon Leasing Quoting Tool Android App
– Falcon’s Green Initiative Program


California Statewide Lighting Program Qualified LED Product List

State by State Database of Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency

To determine if there are commercial rebates eligible in your area, click on your state, and filter by: Technology, Energy Efficiency, Lighting, LED Lighting.


So you found that you’re eligible for a rebate! Great! LED Living Technology has over 280 Approved LED Lighting Product’s listed on Design Light’s Consortium’s Quality Product List. Categories: Linear Ambient, Refrigeration, Low Bay, 1×4 Integrative Style Retrofit Kits, 2×2 Integrative Style Retrofit Kits, 2×4 Integrative Style Retrofit Kits.

See how we stack up at www.designlights.org/qpl