Resort Saves Hundreds of Thousands on Energy Costs with New Lighting from LED Living

A large resort & casino in Connecticut was looking to get the best energy efficiency possible in their parking garages. They decided to switch from 24W Draco vapor-tight fixtures to our newer 18W GEN3 Claris LED Retrofit Kits. This switch may seem like a small change at only a 6W difference per light. However, it will make a big difference when running so many fixtures. By keeping their LED lighting as up to date as possible, they will continuously maintain a low monthly overhead and ensure their draw on the power grid is at a minimum.

In Connecticut, the electricity rate is $0.1808/kWh. By reducing their energy use by 6 watts per fixture (on ~12,000 fixtures) they will save tens of thousands of dollars per year.

In just 5 years, the parking garages will have saved over $300,000 in energy costs alone!


A concern the resort had, and many businesses may have, is that the lighting upgrade might interrupt operations, making parking inaccessible or unappealing for guests. However, the LED Living team designed a solution specifically for this project. The custom design from LED Living made it possible for the swap to these more efficient parking garage lights be done without disconnecting power to the fixtures. The result was a quick changeout that was easy and didn’t cause a disruption.


With help from LED Living, this resort was able to keep their LED Lighting updated, reduce energy costs, and contribute towards a more sustainable future while also maintaining safety & security in their parking garages.

By making this update to their parking garage lighting, their energy consumption will be reduced by about 314,500 kWh annually. Those energy savings are equivalent to eliminating…


Switching to LED lighting is a smart investment for any business. But it’s especially important for large facilities (like this resort & casino) because of the extreme impact their energy use reduction can have – both for the benefit of the business owners and the surrounding communities. LED Living’s expertise and innovative solutions help large facilities achieve their energy-saving goals while also ensuring the transition to new lighting is smooth and hassle-free.

If you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer who provides efficient lighting solutions for commercial and industrial properties, LED Living is ready to help. Contact our team to learn more about all the high-quality LED lighting products we have available and services we offer.

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