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AL Series Outdoor Area Light

AL Series Outdoor Area Light

For visibility, safety, and security in large outdoor spaces at a low energy cost, you can't beat the LED Living AL Series of outdoor area lights. With a wide, even spread of light, these fixtures provide essential illumination for pedestrians and vehicles during night and low-light conditions, contributing to safer navigation while deterring thieves and vandals. Parking lot and other outdoor area lighting often operate for extended periods, which can add up in energy costs. But, at 150 lm/W luminous efficacy, these fixtures are very efficient at converting energy to light, ensuring you spend as little as possible on energy while protecting your property and the safety of your employees and visitors.
UL Listed Wattage Selectable CCT Selectable 120-277V 277-480V 0-10V Dimming IP-65 Rated Enclosure IK-10 Impact Rating
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Quick Ship AL Series Area Lights

Our base model is available in three wattage/CCT packages, three lighting distribution patterns, and six mounting options to cover all your outdoor area lighting needs. All lights include 0-10V dimming.

For the full range of models, refer to the AL Series Spec Sheet and contact your lighting rep or LED Living for a quote.


Meet the AL Series of Outdoor Area Lights

Flexible and Adaptable

The wattage-selectable feature allows the power output of each fixture to be selected during installation. This is particularly useful in different areas of a parking lot where varying levels of illumination might be required, and can save you energy costs by opting for lower wattage in areas that require less light.

Likewise, the selectable CCT feature allows you to blend the lighting with the surrounding environment or match existing lighting schemes, light by light.

Both features allow the luminaires to be adjusted as needs evolve or the parking lot layout changes. And they simplify the procurement processes. For distributors and others who stock lights, the wattage and CCT selectability reduce the number of models needed on the shelves while still covering a wide range of specifications.

You're in Control

With dimming as a standard feature, you have access to smooth and precise control over the light's intensity. Match your light output to actual needs in real time for an even lower energy bill.

The AL Series can also be configured with a photocell for daylight sensing, a PIR sensor for motion sensing, or both together for full control over lighting performance and energy costs.

Built to Last

These luminaires are designed to minimize the Effective Projected Area (EPA). The resulting smaller surface area reduces wind load, requires less structural reinforcement, and reduces the amount of material needed in construction of the fixture, for a more environmentally and cost-effective option.

A 3G vibration rating ensures the luminaire delivers reliable performance, even in challenging conditions. Install our AL Series of outdoor area lights near bridges, highways, industrial areas, and heavy construction, as well as in locations that experience strong winds.

The robust, weather-resistant exterior of these luminaires effectively protects the internal components, ensuring longevity and reliability of the light, while flow-through ventilation enhances the performance and extends the life of these components. These luminaires are also protected from sudden spikes in electrical voltage, thanks to the included surge protection.



Wattage & Lumens 150W: 150/120/100/80W Selectable, up to 22,550 Lumens
240W: 240/220/200/170W) Selectable, up to 36,000 Lumens
310W: 310/280/260/240W) Selectable, up to 46,500 Lumens
System Efficacy Up to 150 lm/W
CRI 70
CCT 3000K/4000K/5000K Selectable
Fixed CCT in 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K available by special order
Light Distribution Pattern Type III, Type IV, Type V
Enclosure Rating IP65, IK10
Mounting Pole Mount, Wall Mount, Slipfitter, Trunnion Mount
Input Voltage 120-277VAC / 277-480VAC, 50/60Hz (347-480VAC available by special order)
Housing Rugged, Sealed Die-Cast Aluminum, with 3G Vibration Rating
Finish Powder Coated Dark Bronze
Warranty 5 Years
Certifications DLC Pending*, UL
*Fixed CCT models, available by special order, are DLC Listed.
DLC Listing Primary Use Category Outdoor Pole/Arm-Mounted Area and Roadway Luminaires (Pending for CCT-Selectable Models)

*IES file links on this page may not contain an IES file for every available configuration of the model.


Order an external half glare shield or external 360° full visor available to reduce light spill or comply with dark sky or municipal light trespass requirements.