• Swing Up Fluorescent to LED Retrofit for Linear High Bay Fixtures, including T5, T5HO, T8, T12, T8HO, T12HO
  • Rapid single-person installation is possible with this LED retrofit for fluorescent linear high bays
  • Swing-Up design frees up installer's hands for single-person install
  • Single Panel Shown - Linear High Bay LED Retrofit
  • Two Panel Installation Shown - Linear High Bay LED Retrofit


Converting linear fluorescent high bay 4-foot fixtures to LED is easier—and better performing—than ever. The Tfive Swing Up LED Retrofit Kit is a true lumen-for-lumen LED retrofit solution designed for rapid, single-person installation on most existing T5, T8, and T12 4-foot fluorescent fixtures, including high output (HO) fixtures. This high-output LED retrofit kit will deliver the lumens you need at operating efficiencies of up to 176 lumens/Watt.

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Linear High Bay LED Fluorescent Retrofit Kit

  • Up to 176 lm/W Industry Leading Performance
  • Replaces T5/T8/T12 Standard & High Output Variations
  • Rapid Install with Patented Swing-Up Design
  • Up to 58% Energy Savings vs T5HO Fixtures
  • Zero light loss into the fixture & guaranteed optical performance across fixtures
  • Buy American Act Compliant
Convert the following linear high bay fluorescent fixtures to bright, energy-efficient LED with easy-install modular Tfive retrofit panels:
  • T5 & T5HO: 3-lamp, 4-lamp, 6-lamp & 8-lamp
  • T8, T12, T8HO & T12HO: 6-lamp, 8-lamp, 10-lamp & 12-lamp

The Tfive is available in the following series:

Economy: Up to 153 lm/W efficiency, 5-year warranty [datasheet]
Hybrid: Up to 164 lm/W efficiency, 7-year warranty [datasheet]
Standard: Up to 176 lm/W efficiency, 10-year warranty [datasheet]
All series are available in standard and high voltage.

Tfive Model Selector

Select the type and size of your current fixture(s) to see an instant recommendation of Tfive models that meet your needs.

Get a More Specific Recommendation

Select the lumen output range of your current fixture to find the best Tfive model for your application. (Keep in mind that in most cases you'll be able to use a Tfive with a lower lumen output without any less in light. This is because the Tfive, unlike tube lights, doesn't lose any light into the fixture.)

To find your fixture's lumen output, do a Google search for your fixture's model number to find spec sheets for that fixture—or contact us for assistance!

Easy Installation

Tfive Installation Step 1 Tfive Installation Step 2 Tfive Installation Step 3


Control Options

Wireless Controls Options:

• Energy Tri Pack • EnOcean Wireless Modules

Conventional Controls:

Occupancy Sensors, Hi/Low, On/Off
1-10V; 0-10V SO Models Only; Resistance


Industrial  •  Manufacturing Facilities  •  Warehouses

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