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UVC Disinfection

Germicidal UV (GUV) is a hundred-year-old technology experiencing a timely resurgence. GUV disinfection can deactivate viruses like COVID-19 at a cellular level, along with bacteria, mold, spores, mites, and most parasites.

LLT offers upper room units for continuous air disinfection, which can be used even while a room is occupied, and surface-cleaning UVC lamps and fixtures for use after hours or between classes, when rooms are unoccupied. Both provide a great supplement to your manual disinfecting operations without increasing labor or consumables costs.

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Air and Surface Disinfection Solutions

UV disinfection is not a new technology. It has been used in health & medical applications for years, from sterilizing medical instruments to cleaning air conditioner coils to reducing the spread of tuberculosis in hospital wards. UV disinfection is effective because specific wavelengths of ultraviolet (UV) light are able to neutralize pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses, by attacking the microbes’ very cell structure, rendering the pathogens both sterile and inactive.

LED Living Technology offers germicidal UV products for both air and surface cleaning. We also have access to far-UV (222nm) and visible light disinfection (VLD) solutions—contact us with your needs today.



Disinfect surfaces between uses of a room. Easy to move between rooms. Portable UV lamps are a great surface-disinfection option for locations where permanent fixtures can't be installed. Because the UV bulb is exposed, these products must be run during zero occupancy by a trained attendant wearing full-body personal protective equipment (PPE). We can provide handheld, tripod-mounted, and tower disinfection units to meet your disinfection needs.


  • Mobile and flexible
  • Can be used on sensitive electronics that chemicals are not appropriate for


  • Only surfaces that the light touches are sanitized; furniture and other objects can create shadows that prevent effective sanitation
  • Must be stored between uses and set up before each use


These overhead 254 nm UV-C fixtures are used to sanitize surfaces between shifts or classes, or after closing time. These fixtures must be run during zero occupancy by a trained attendant wearing full-body personal protective equipment (PPE). Fixtures can be operated by remote or by optional hardwired safety switches.


  • Easy to use surface disinfection
  • Permanent installation removes the work of setting up equipment before use or storing it between uses


  • Only surfaces that the light touches are sanitized; furniture and other objects can create shadows that prevent effective surface sanitation
  • Requires installation


These units contain UV-C lamps (254 nm) and operate by exposing air to the pathogen-inactivating light. Upper room GUV units throw germicidal UV light across the upper area of the room, safely above occupants' heads, to disinfect air as it circulates on natural currents. Active air cleaners use fans to circulate air through the safely enclosed UV disinfection area inside their housing. Both can be run continuously, even while a room is occupied.


  • No HVAC system changes needed
  • Removes pathogens before they get into the HVAC system
  • Safe for use in occupied spaces


  • Does not disinfect surfaces
  • Requires installation


Standard white LED light is blended with UV-A (~365 nm) light to allow safe exposure in occupied spaces for up to 8 hours (at certain power levels). Requires controls.


  • Renovation-friendly
  • Energy-efficient LED technology


  • Potential for overexposure
  • Not fully effective against all viruses

Safety with UV Products

Due to its cell-inactivating properties, prolonged UV exposure can cause skin burns and eye injuries that may not appear until after the exposure has occurred. UV light exposure can also accelerate material degradation.

These devices should be used with care and only according to the included instructions. If the guidelines are followed, these products are completely safe to use. Many have additional safety controls available, and some even have these features built in.

As a rule, avoid direct skin exposure to UVC radiation and never look directly into a UVC light source, even briefly. We recommend ANSI Z87.1-1989 eye/face protection, long pants and sleeves, and disposable nitrile gloves when working with or around exposed UV lamps.


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