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V01 Series LED Vapor Tight Lights

V01 Series LED Vapor Tight Lights

Vapor-tight LED lighting that is completely protected against water, dust, insects, and other ingress designed to meet a wide range of lighting needs. Choose from 6 wattage packages, all with color- and power- selectable drivers. These luminaires feature luminous efficacy of up to 150 lm/W for bright light at a low energy footprint.

  • Lumen output available from 2,250 to 15,400 lm
  • 3500K/4000K/5000K CCT selectable during install
  • Each luminaire has 3 power settings (4 on 8ft models)
  • IP66 & IK10 double protection
  • 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft lengths
DLC Listed ETL Listed Wattage Selectable CCT Selectable CRI 80 120-277V 0-10V Dimming IP-66 Rated Enclosure IK-10 Impact Rating
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Featured Quick Ship V01 LED Vapor Tight Luminaire

Our V01 Series of LED vapor tight lights save energy, eliminate frequent maintenance costs, and withstand harsh environments, including high pressure water jets and impact. Our Quick Ship model is listed below, but this light is available in three sizes and a wide range of lumen outputs. All models allow you to choose each light's color temperature (3500K/4000K/5000K) during installation. For information on the full range of V01 models, refer to the V01 Series LED Vapor Tight datasheet.

*IES file links on this page may not contain an IES file for every available configuration of the model.


V01 Series LED Vapor Tight Lights: Your Robust Lighting Solution for Every Condition

Our resilient V01 Series LED Vapor Tight Lights withstand the elements while providing superior illumination in both commercial and industrial settings. With a robust seal that ensures absolute protection against water, dust, insects, and more, these lights stand unyielding against any ingress, ensuring your spaces are always brilliantly lit, no matter what.

Remarkable Luminosity & Customizable Options

  • Luminous Efficacy: Shine bright with up to 150 lm/W, ensuring optimal light output at a low energy cost.
  • Selectable Wattage & CCT: During installation, choose between 3 wattage options (4 on 8ft models) and 3 selectable CCTs (3500K/4000K/5000K) to set the best lumen output and color temperature for every space.
  • Lumen Output: Versatile lumen outputs ranging from 2,250 to a dazzling 15,400 lumens.

Fortified Against the Elements

  • Double Protection: Armed with IP66 & IK10 protection, these lights will power through challenging conditions with ease.
  • Emergency Driver: Choose an optional emergency driver for code-compliant 90-minute emergency lighting during power outages.
  • Surge Protection: In-built surge protection assures safety and prolonged fixture life.

A Multitude of Mounting Options

  • Flexibility in Installation: Surface mount, suspension mount, or utilize an additional accessory for 45-degree angle surface mount, junction box mount, or tamper-proof mounting – the choice is yours!
  • Available Sizes: Choose from convenient 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft lengths to suit your spatial requirements.

Additional Features for Enhanced Utility

  • Dimmable: Adjust to the ambiance you desire with smoothly dimmable lighting.
  • Motion Sensing: Optional motion sensor to optimize energy use.
  • Lens Options: Tailor to your visual preference with clear or frosted lenses.
  • Rebate Eligible: Maximize your savings with our rebate-eligible lighting solution.

One SKU, Numerous Applications

Stock one SKU, and open doors to a range of applications, simplifying inventory management for suppliers and offering easy customization for end-users.

With the V01 Series, lighting becomes hassle-free, resilient, and adapted to your needs, irrespective of the conditions. Illuminate your commercial and industrial spaces with a lighting solution that’s built to endure.



Lumens Package Dependent on power selected at install.
25W Selectable (25/20/15W), Up to 3,500 lumens
35W Selectable (35/28/20W), Up to 4,900 lumens
46W Selectable (46/38/30W), Up to 6,440 lumens
60W Selectable (60/45/30W), Up to 8,400 lumens
90W Selectable (90/75/65/55W), Up to 13,500 lumens
110W Selectable (110/90/75/65W), Up to 15,400 lumens
System Efficacy Up to 150 lm/W
CRI >80
CCT 3500K/4000K/5000K Selectable
Beam Angle 110°.
Controls 0-10V dimming included, motion sensor available
Enclosure Rating IP66, IK10
Input Voltage 120-277VAC (120-347VAC available by special order)
Surge Protection 1kV line-line, 2kV line-earth
Warranty 5 Years
Certifications DLC, DLC Premium, ETL
DLC Listing Primary Use Category Direct Linear Ambient Luminaires
Stairwell and Passageway Luminaires
Low-Bay Luminaires for Commercial and Industrial Buildings (46W and up)
High-Bay Luminaires for Commercial and Industrial Buildings (90W and up)