Light Up Success: Navigating UFO LED High Bay Lights for Your Clients

Find the Best UFO High Bay for Your Client's Next Project

Determining the best UFO high bay for a high-ceiling project will generally hinge on these key aspects: Luminous Efficacy, Brightness, and Customizability. Below, we give a quick breakdown of our current top three round high bay lights, giving you an understanding of how they each perform in these categories so you can more easily make an informed decision.

Why Choose Each High Bay

RHB02 Series

Get the best luminous efficacy.

RHB04 Series

Get the highest brightness.

RHB05 Series

Get the most customizability.

Expert High Bay Lighting Tip

High levels of brightness ensure a safe workplace by providing high visibility, but determining the exact output depends on the needs of the space. On average, the higher the ceiling, the higher the lumen requirement. As ceilings get higher, the beam angle should also get narrower to compensate for the vertical distance between the fixture and the work area.

Next Steps for Getting the Right UFO High Bay Lights

Ready to buy? Or still unsure about which product suits your client's needs? Our experts are ready to review the options available, so you get the perfect high-ceiling lighting solution. Reach out today by calling (215) 633-1558, emailing, or by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

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